Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Design Thief: This is NOT Your Grandma's Collection!

Sometimes, collectors really get a bad name.  If you've seen the show Hoarders, then you know that collecting can go seriously awry.  You may get visions of dusty boxes filled with baseball cards, ridiculous shoe collections, shelves full of creepy dolls, or even those as-seen-on-TV Stage 5 hoarders.  Well, I was walking around San Francisco's Hayes Valley Shopping District yesterday, and I have to admit that I saw some pretty cool collections.....

I went into Cisco Home, which has a remarkable selection of green and sustainable home goods.  Robert Pintozzi graciously showed me the customizable furniture, reclaimed tables, bedding, pillows...and AMA-zing lighting. These gorgeous Genie Lamps are sold individually, but why not get a few of them, and hang them in big and beautiful cluster?

I went into Zonal, which is has an inspired curation of fine art, primitive furniture, industrial art and accessories.  The owner, Russel E. Pritchard, showcases his private (i.e. not for sale!) collection of Canadian Mountie figures.  I love the way the Mounties are cleverly displayed as a standing army right above the cash register.

Down the street, I popped into Polanco Gallery.  I spoke to co-owner Aldo Picchi, who travels to Mexico 4 times a year (lucky guy!) to hand pick a colorful collection of unique crafts, jewelry, fine art and more.  I saw these Dia De Los Muertos figures and thought that a few of them could make a fine collection for a certain someone who loves Dia De Los Muertos.  Actually, someone's birthday is coming up!  I wonder if it is a good idea to start a collection for someone else.  What do you think?

Until next week, Happy Collecting!


  1. I think collections are a delicate thing... it seems like the way these people displayed them is KEY!!!! Don't be a clutter monster- pick what you love and display it like art. In the Canadian Mounties example the shelves are just as interesting a focal point as the collection.

    1. I love the phrase, don't be a clutter monster! Well said.