Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Baby Rooms are Just Like Bar Rooms (+ Why I Love Them Both)

What do you think bar rooms and baby rooms have in common?  If you are thinking that they are the two best places on earth to meet a vulnerable woman- then you are wrong, Buddy.  What a sick-o!  The correct answer is:  They are the two places that are BEST suited for decorating with fun, no-holds-barred interior design themes.

After a long urban hike around the City, I love to dip into a whimsically themed bar and get whisked away to a far away place.  My favorite theme bar in San Francisco is Big Foot Lodge.  It's lodge decor and life size Sasquatch provide a fun escape from the gritty streets.  A beer or two later, and then...it's back to reality!

 I used to play make believe ALL of the time.  My sister and I would embody synchronized swimmers in the pool, and my brother and I would spend afternoons running away from "bad guys" in the "dangerous woods".  Now, however, I am an grown up.  Mwa, mwa, mwa.......booo!!  As a grown up, the opportunities to dress up and play make believe are few and far between.   Nowadays, most of the time I like to "pretend" that I am pretty refined.

However, there is good news!  I am expecting a baby girl in January.  (Appropriately, I met her dad, Dougie, while working at the famous Pete n Peters (Sports Themed Bar) in Tahoe City, CA.)   Dougie and I are both so excited for our new addition, with all of the new adventures and challenges that she will bring.  As an added bonus, I can get creative and completely THEME OUT Baby G's room!  Over the past couple of months, I have taken the first three big steps to designing Baby G's Room.

Here are the First 3 steps to designing your own themed room:

Step 1:  Pick a Theme.  Baby G's room is going to be Vintage Circus/Fair

Step 2:  Choose a color palette.

Before you start buying accessories and paint, you need to spend a little time choosing a color palette.  If you want to learn more about Color Theory, my new favorite book on the subject is The Right Color, by Eve Ashcraft.  You can also peruse color palette ideas at: Colour Lovers. To refine your paint color search, go to Benjamin Moore's Color Gallery.  Once you choose your first color, the Color Gallery will show you their choices of complementary colors.  With your color palette in hand, you will have an easier time searching for fabrics and accessories.

Baby G's Room Color Palette

Vintage G by Vintage Marquee Lights on Etsy

Step 3:  Start collecting ideas onto Pinterest.  If you have not started a Pinterest Account already, you have to start one.  It is the perfect place to create visual boards to store all of your interior design projects (and much more).  Once you have an account, create a new board and label it accordingly.  Over the next couple of months, every time you are online and see something that inspires you, pin that idea to your Pinterest Board.  You will notice that the pictures and ideas will evolve a little over time.  If you are like me, you will be glad that you didn't go out and buy the first things that you saw!   You will also begin to notice that your themed room is starting to take shape.  Soon, you will be ready for your next steps toward making a themed room.  To be continued....

I hope that this helps you to get started in creating your own themed room.  As for me, I will be sharing more with you on Baby G's room in two weeks- after Pips, Molly and I have a paint party!

Until next week,

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