Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Before and After: When People Treat Their Furniture Like Criminals

Have you ever gone into a room and wondered what kind of egregious crimes that the furniture must have committed to deserve being placed up against the wall under arrest? Look around your house: is a lot of your furniture under arrest?  Unless your goal is to discourage conversation amongst your guests, or your furniture really is naughty, then it may be time to consider a little rearranging!  In this Piedmont Redesign project, our Revival Room team was able to create balance and conversational seating by rearranging the furniture and artwork that the client already had.

Three of the design crimes that were evident in this living room "before" were:
1.  The classic fireplace, which is the natural focal point of the room, was not being featured.
2.  The furniture placement was off-balance.  
3.  The rug....was just a tad too small for the space!

Here is how we handled the perpetrators:
1.  We rearranged the furniture in order to flaunt the gorgeous fireplace.
** We did not want to block the picture window either, so we found a great spot in the downstairs rumpus room for one of the couches.  (The clients let us know that they did not need two couches in the living room.)
2.  We balanced the remaining furniture by centering the large couch directly across from the big window.  We placed one bookshelf on either side of the window.  Then, we arranged the chairs and accessories so that they created a comfortable conversational area around the coffee table.
3.  The little rug became a fabulous re-purposed rug which was perfectly proportional in the entryway.  We suggested to the client that they buy a bigger rug for the living room.

Now, this living room is balanced, inviting, and comfortable for conversation.
Tell me, have you witnessed any criminal furniture activities in your house?

Until next week, happy hand-cuffing!

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