Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Get This (Paint) Party Started! Project Baby G's Room, Part II

Question:  What do you get when you add 3 awesome friends + Paint + Supplies + Pizza + music?
Answer: An Amaaazzzing paint party and a Completely painted Circus-Themed room for Baby G!
I want to thank Amy, Molly and Pips for spending their Saturday helping Doug and me give our second bedroom a fabulous makeover that was a small miracle to complete in a day!  We could not have done it without you ladies.  Here is what Baby G's room looked like before the Dream Team arrived:

And here is a photographic diary of our wild and crazy paint party!

Amy and Molly arrived bright and early (they look good!), and got busy measuring the dimensions of the room.

After our mind-bending calculating session, we figured that each tent segment should be 12 3/4" wide.  Starting from the center of each wall,  Amy measured the 12 3/4" sections and then drew level lines from the trim to the ceiling.  

Molly and Amy used a chalk line reel with red chalk, and snapped perfect-o lines from the tops of each vertical line to a point in the center of the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Pips arrived, and was sporting super cute work-wear!  She took no time to grab a brush and start cutting Benjamin Moore Bradstreet Beige flat interior paint along all of the trim, as well as over the spots that had been spackled to cover nail holes and cracks.  *Prior to Saturday, I spackled all of the holes and cracks in the walls, let them dry, and sanded them to prepare for the paint day.

After Amy and Molly snapped the chalk lines, they blue-taped along the outer edge of each segment that was going to get painted.  To avoid confusion, they painted a light dab of beige paint in each section that they wanted to outline.

Meanwhile....the Roller Mama started painting the first coat on the walls that she had painted the borders around.  

See, Paint Parties can be LOTS of fun!!

After the blue tape was finished, Molly and Pips took to painting the big top with Benjamin Moore Tender Pink satin interior paint.

Sadly, Amy and Pips needed to leave, so Super-Doug came in to help finish the job.

While the paint dried a bit, "Mr. Movember" enjoyed a tasty beer!

Lastly, Molly and Doug pulled off all of the blue tape...it looks GORGEOUS!

The bedroom looks SOOO good,  and now it is ready for a chandelier, furniture, art....and a baby.  Thanks again to my girls for helping to make a super-fabulous room for Baby G!  In a couple of weeks I will be blogging to show you how the final stages of the project are coming together.

Tell me, what kind of party (paint or otherwise) would you like to plan???


  1. Thats awesome !! Baby G is coming right out into a carnival !! Mr. Movember is lookin kinda sharp with the lip wig.

  2. Thanks, Chef! I kinda like Mr. Movember's mustache too- it looks pretty sassy. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll make it until December....

  3. Wow! What an amazing ceiling! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  4. I'm not pregnant yet... But we're trying and, regardless of the sex, I want a vintage circus nursery :) I LOVE THE STRIPES I might get started NOW so that'll be the least of my worries later :) I'm your newest follower. COME BACK TO BLOG LAND!