Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who Broke My Hummel!??? A Household WhoDunnit.

A couple of days ago, I opened my boyfriend's tie drawer, and I found THIS in the back of the drawer.

I yanked out the two pieces and my mind went racing.  Who was the culprit?  How did it happen?
Why did it happen? And...when? (My investigative journalist questions)  My niece and nephews were over a couple of weeks ago, and they were watching TV in my bedroom.  They were suspects number 1 through 4!  The contraband was cleverly concealed in my boyfriend's tie drawer....Suspect number 5! Rather than put my niece and nephews on the stand, I interrogated my bf first.  He soon cracked. Okay, it was an accident.  But, what was I going to do with the ONLY heirloom that my Nana left to me?

When Nana passed away a few years ago, she did not leave behind many heirlooms.  She was tidy, organised, and was not a tchotchke-hoarder by any stretch.  So, as you may imagine, I was delighted when my mother presented me with this little cutie-pie.  He's a Hummel- a collector's piece- and his name is Brother. Well, Brother had a very bad day!  I needed to do something to fix the situation.

As I walked around the apartment holding a piece of the little fella in each hand, I saw a plain little succulent planter in my bedroom.  Hmm,  it looked like it was sorely in need of it's own mascot!  I plunked the little fellow in the dirt, broken feet first, and he was a perfect fit.  It was meant to be.  I think Nana would be proud.  One of her favorite phrases was "Waste not, want not."

Brother's new home:

Have you ever had a similar disaster happen in your house?


  1. I was inspired by this project- but I went the "fix it" route. I had a number of items that were falling apart in our apartment so I bought wood glue and went CRAZY. I now have a "new" diningroom chairs that don't come apart when you try to move the chairs and a "new" dish soap dispenser that I can unscrew without a dish glove on!

  2. Good point, Molly. Fixing a broken treasure is always a good (and first) option!.
    In this case, I did keep the feet, should I change my mind.