Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Before and After: My, What a Rude Couch You Have!

Do you ever walk into a room and feel like the furniture is shunning you?  Furniture can seem down right rude when it turns it back on you.  In this Pleasant Hill Redesign project, our Revival Room team was able to make this family room look and feel completely different in one day by artfully rearranging the furniture and accessories that the client already had.

The Top 3 design challenges we faced in this redesign "before" were:
1.  Furniture placement that created a non-welcoming ambiance, and blocked the window.
2.  A notably Slanted ceiling that made the room feel tilted.
3.  Too many small items that just looked cluttered.

And here is how we resolved the 3 challenges:
1.  Furniture placement:  By re-orienting the room to face the side wall, we were able to create an open, welcoming room.  At the same time, we cleared the furniture from in front of the window and we let in the light.
2.  Slanted Ceiling:  The horizontal line that the TV and the photograph arrangements created visually in the "before" had to go!  They only drew attention to the unpleasant fact that the ceiling took a nose dive at the end of the wall.  We re-hung a classic print which made for a pretty focal point.  It also mimicked the height at the taller portion of the room.  We placed the low-slung lamp in the corner. This brings me to a rule.
Revival Room Rule:
Higher ceiling = Taller picture (or furniture)
Lower ceiling = Shorter furniture (or picture)
3.  Clutter:  What did we do with all of those small items?  Did we clutter up another room or simply chuck everything into the garage until our crew left?  No..... we would never do that to our client!

We were able to neatly arrange the books, DVDs and CDs in a spot where they were accessible....but not visible!

Now, this family room is open, airy and functional.  Better yet, the friendly couch is inviting you to come on in and take a seat.  Thanks, Mr. Couch!


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